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SMPS Series:     
        3~160W LED Driver
                -GU10, E14, E27, PAR, T5, T8 and Road Lamp Lighting application

        4~100W Charger
                -Phone, PADS, MID products and Power Tools

        20~160W SMPS
                -Notebook Adpator, STB Power, Audio Power and LCD TV Power

Power Bank Series:
        2000~5000mAh Polymer Battery
                -Individual or Build in AC-DC are available

USB DAC Series:
        USB audio DAC
                -USB 1.0, USB 2.0, with Audio Amplifier
        USB audio Converter
                -USB 2.0, SPDIF

ATSC/NTSC Salve Mode TV Module:
        HD Ready
                -To modify the output of TV module in 1080p/720p in BT601 video I/F     
        Field Test
                -All the filed testing and multi-media function for all kinds of DTV functionality
                -Providing the Module which already past the TV Field test in North American Fitness Company in various states.             
        Universal Sepcification
                -Help to buildup the ready module to meet the universal spec. for the demand market.

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